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Automobile Interiors

Auto Comfort's always deal in quality genuine leather in designing and implementation of your car interiors. Products Durability, Products Comfort and Products Attractiveness is our first priority.

We use Superior Quality PU/PVC, Genuine Leather, High Density Foam and High Quality Threads, which increases the value of your interior. Not just this, in our continuous effort to execute the best, we have possessed the capacity to procure a Range of Reputed Brands, for example - Mercedes, BMW, Porche, Audi, Bentley, Vintage Cars etc.

We are also specialists in restoring of the upholstery of classic cars.

"Our blend of craftmanship and inventiveness give our plans Unique looks that are very much executed".

Car Upholstery
Head Liners,
Customized Seat Covers,
Door Panels,
Dash Board Covers,
Sagging Roof Repair,
Auto-Leather Repair,
Car Floor Mats.